Evarist Bartolo

Evarist Bartolo was one of the leading contenders for the Malta Labour Party leadership following the resignation of Alfred Sant who had been at the helm of the Party since 1992, Minister for European and Foreign Affairs (2020 -2022), Minister for Education and Employment (2013-2020), Member of Parliament (1992-2022), Minister for Education and National Culture (1996-1998). Bartolo describes himself as one of those who chose a party upon the basis of an explicit attempt to understand which party best stood for the principles that he believed in. Bartolo states that the road that convinced him that his place was within the Labour Party was a long tortuous one during which he explored Karl MarxMahatma GandhiVladimir LeninMartin Luther King Jr. and spent a year in Sicily working with an anti-Mafia activist Danilo Dolci. Bartolo is a prolific writer having been a consistent contributor to the local media since his early teens and is considered to be one of the principal ideologists within the Malta Labour Party.